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• Certified Behavioral Consultant • Certified Life Coach • Professional Speaker


About Me

I am really excited you found me! Here’s a little about why I am so passionate about helping children be at their absolute best!

Together, we are going to discover clear, renewed and innovative strategies to inform self-esteem and success for yourself, your children/students and family.

So many parents and teachers I work with feel empowered and determined to shift mindset, language and approach by changing fear into love. You can trust me to move you from feeling hopeless to enlightened with humor, light-heartedness, enthusiasm and passion.

We will walk down the same path learning together, making a difference in your child’s life/students’ lives. Enjoy the resources and articles available here. I created each piece with positivity and love in mind.

I am only a click away if you need a resource to help you make the changes you need to fully enjoy your children/students, no matter what. I got you!

Discover What’s Possible

Behavioral Consulting

I am a certified behavioral consultant helping adults and children work better together.  I observe in classrooms, write Individual Support Plans, and fill the toolboxes of both adults and children with LOVE-based strategies.

Life Coaching

I am also a life coach.  In this arm of my work, I guide teenagers and adults to find their way to a path that fuels them where self-care is prevalent and self-esteem is abundant.

Professional Speaking Seminars and Workshops

The last piece of my work provides teachers, educators, administration and parents workshops around love-based behavior strategies.

Service Area

New Hampshire, Southern Maine and Northern Massachusetts or anywhere remotely!

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