The Masked Unicorn Curriculum



Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce or further mask wearing in your child care center, public/private/parochial school, church or home? I got you covered! I went all out in this funny, creative and engaging curriculum that uses song, poems and short activities to help children as Covid sticks around. Mask wearing is on the rise and what better way to learn safe ways to wear a mask than with a sparkly unicorn. Children will learn:

  • to put on and take off a mask correctly
  • how to put their masks away if they are dirty
  • where to put them if their masks are clean
  • to brainstorm ways to wear masks comfortably
  • to ask more questions about mask wearing
  • how to help others problem solve mask wearing
  • how and when to take mask breaks
  • to empathize with the animals in the song and draw them new more efficient masks
  • why masks are so important
  • and so many more lessons that are probably unintentional but turn out to be really cool!

The $40 gets you both the teacher and student video, coloring pages, all 8 poems, all 8 characters from the song, a link to the song, short activities that will raise mask awareness, and the ability to watch me sing and dance in a unicorn outfit (complete with rainbow tutu)! You can use it and watch the videos over and over again!