Master Class 2.0 With One-On-One Time With Megg Thompson Through Zoom



Are you looking for a behavior management class full of real life, love based strategies that is engaging and is chuck full of humor, all while fighting the traditional, fear based strategies? Are you also hoping to get solutions to your individual challenges with the children in your life as a parent and/or teacher? Well, you have come to the right place!

This class is for everyone who wants to see, think and act differently around challenging behaviors in your home and in school. AND you get TO MAKE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE, learn at your own pace, and start and stop the video when you need to!

If you are…

  • A TEACHER who needs more information and the appropriate language to fight the current system in your school…..this class is for you!
  • A PARENT who needs new language and a new way to be with your child…this class is for you!
  • An ADMINISTRATOR who wants to guide their staff to behavior strategies cemented in love…this class is for you!
  • An ADULT who is tired of the traditional, fear based behavior strategies and knows there is a better way…this class is for you!
  • A PARENT whose child has been shamed or embarrassed with behavior strategies (in private or in public) and you are done with stickers and clips…this class is for you!
  • A TEACHER who wants another behavior model than the one they learned in school…this class is for you!
  • A PARENT who wants to work with, not against, their child’s teacher on behavior management…this class is for you!
  • A TEACHER-PARENT or PARENT-TEACHER that is homeschooling and finds it hard to be both and needs a new way to address behavior in your home that is also a classroom…this class is for you!

What you get in this master class…

  • Total of 14 hours of professional development
  • 9 Zoom Workshops with Megg:
    • Love vs. Fear When Diving Into Behavior Strategies
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    • Challenging Behaviors Through Temperament
    • Relationships are your BEST Behavior Strategy
    • Love Languages
    • Environments
    • Diverse Learners
    • Discipline And Consequences
    • Common Triggers And Golden Maximizers
  • Resources to support workshop topics such as books, podcasts, articles and more
  • Profile assessment that will produce a report for you to use throughout the class
  • (3) One-on-one Zoom calls with Megg


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