Megg Thompson

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Communications
  • Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (M.Ed)
  • Behavior Certificate from The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training

As a former Kindergarten teacher of ten years, I came to learn that my place was with children others found challenging (and I found interesting, charismatic, exciting and determined). I have interned with world renowned early childhood educator, author and advocate Bev Bos in Roseville, CA.  Through my life-changing experiences I have adopted a proactive and strength based approach to behavior. I see children as perfectly designed equipped with the exact right tools to help them be their very best. I only use behavior strategies cemented in LOVE.  I refuse to use fear-based strategies such as stickers, tickets, tokens, points and clip.  I believe in internal motivation and believe rewards and punishments need to hit the trash.

I spend my days in both public and private schools, early learning centers, preschools and in homes helping children and adults understand each other better. I also spend my days and many evenings (and weekends) leading professional development workshops for educators, administration and parents. I use humor, tell stories from my past and current days with “challenging” children, and magically make time fly by. These workshops can be found in my shop.

This website boasts pictures of my family, the places that fill my emotional needs, humor, and important philosophies I have come across in my travels through this nation’s schools. Know that only a few of these pictures are stock. I hope these pieces of me shine through. I want you to laugh with me, celebrate with me, and join me on the road less traveled!