School/Child Care Consulting

Most of my days are spent in child care centers, preschools, and public and private schools helping teachers and administration guide children with challenging behavior and special needs. I strongly believe that being proactive is the best way to engage a child’s spirit as well as teach a child real life skills. I do not believe in sticker charts, reward systems, planning rooms or time out spaces. These strategies are about manipulation and coercion which in turn causes disempowering relationships and emotional scars and do not translate into real world skills. Since 98% of the time challenging behaviors are due unmet needs and lack of skills, I believe in meeting needs and teaching new skills. I believe in patience, forming new habits, allowing new skills to take time. I believe in knowing a child’s spirit, their natural design, how they view relationships and love and care for themselves and others, how they need our language to sound, how to give effective commands, and how to create a rich and interesting environment.

As a Certified Behavior Consultant I help children and adults find new ways to work together so both are successful. It takes adjustment, strong empowering relationships, interesting and fruitful environments, self-reflection and the answer to the question “Who is this child?”

As a teacher we equip ourselves with a tool box to use when nothing else seems to be working. Well, we all knew that ONE toolbox is never enough. Wouldn’t it be great to have FOUR toolboxes? And what if those FOUR toolboxes spoke to different children in successful ways by knowing the pattern of human behavior. What if we knew when to use what toolbox and when to keep certain toolboxes closed? What if we knew how to use each toolbox so the children in our classrooms were excited about learning, strengthened their windows of opportunity, and had flourishing (instead of diminishing) self-esteem? If this sounds PERFECT, then let’s talk.

I am available through email at or on my cell (I sure do like to text) at 603-706-3288. I look forward to it!

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