Life Coach - Working with Children, Adults & Families


Some children have a hard time at school while others do great in school and have a harder time at home (and some find both environments challenging). I go into homes to help parents figure out how to be the best parent for each of their children. Because every child’s natural design is different, parents have to approach each child differently. I teach the parents new skills and strategies to help each child proactively and become confident that they are meeting each child’s needs in the way that the child needs them to be met. As parents learn new skills, children learn alongside them. As their skills strengthen, the family unit becomes stronger, healthier and more tolerant of the differences that make a family unique.

There are two parts that set me apart from others in the field of Behavior and Mental Health. The first difference is that I come into the home. I find a child’s natural environment, an environment where unconditional love exists, is the best place for a child to feel most comfortable to learn new skills, be vulnerable, and make mistakes. It also makes it easier on the family. There is no travel time, the stress of being prompt to appointments, and the added cost of gas and the loss of time at work. The second difference is that I help in real time. Once a partner, you may text/email/call me when you have hit a road block. My goal is to give parents the skills to become successful so I am no longer needed. This is best done when I can help in the moments that are the hardest.

I am also willing to connect virtually if geography plays a significant role in meeting face to face. I am available through Zoom, Skype and the old school telephone.

I have been a family coach for over 5 years and a frequently asked question is, “How do I get myself a Megg?” I have had tremendous success with children and their families that now I am being asked by adults, independent of their children, to help them thrive. I coach adults in many aspects of life such as careers and growth in Early Childhood Education, extra income, being the best parent possible and nutrition.

By phone call or text message
Don't forget the second "g" ;)