Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps

Hello All,

Did you know that scent is the only sense that is filtered emotionally? All other senses are filtered cognitively.

Did you know that I work with many children and adults that have anxiety/depression?

Did you know that I support mostly proactive strategies because those are best for emotional wellness, strength, and real life?

Did you know that we, as adults, are role models for children? Children learn best when the adults in their lives show them the way by doing it first.

Did you know that so many children I work with have a hard time sleeping? Sometimes they can self soothe and other times it is a question of power and control.

Because of these reasons (and because Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps is an absolutely AMAZING company) I have partnered with PMCW. Check out and when you use the code theemptytoolbox you will get 5% off.

I can see it now...teachers using these wraps to calm and showing children how to proactively calm our bodies. I see children using the eye pillows at nap time. I see using these wraps with children with different sensory diets. I can see these wraps in a basket in your classroom or home so children can use them when they need them. Why not show them how to take responsibility for finding what works for them at an early age. I am ecstatic about these products. They are going to change the way you look at challenging behaviors!

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