Hello and Welcome!!

I am really excited you found me!

Scroll down this page to learn a little about me, my journey, and why I am so passionate about helping children be their absolute best.

Consulting/Life Coach

I need a Megg! I go into homes to help parents figure out how to be the best parent for each of their children. But... Not only do I help children, but I guide adults too!!

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I offer a variety of different workshops ... and the list is constantly growing!!

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I truly believe that humor is essential in my work and can be diffusing. Laughter can ease challenging behaviors in children and adults. Let's laugh it out and change the world one healthy child at a time!

Road Less Traveled

"You won't make yourself a name if you follow the rules
History gets made when you're acting a fool
So don't hold it back and just run it
Show what you got and just own it
No, they can't tear you apart

If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle
Don't be afraid, take the road less traveled
Wear out your boots and kick up the gravel
Don't be afraid, take the road less traveled on

Don't follow anyone
March to the rhythm of a different drum
Why do we analyze, break out, and criticize the crazy ones?
Put your hands up, show me that you're one of a kind
Put your hands up, let me hear your voice tonight"

- "Road Less Traveled" by Lauren Alaina

Hello and Welcome!

I am really excited you found me! Here’s a little about myself, my journey, and why I am so passionate about helping children be their absolute best.

This website boasts pictures of my son, the places that fill my emotional needs, humor, and important philosophies I have come across in my travels through this nation's schools. Know that none of these pictures are stock. I hope these pieces of me shine through. I want you to laugh with me, celebrate with me, and join me on the road less traveled!

As a former Kindergarten teacher of ten years, I saw children learn in traditional ways and children who struggled with that tradition. I experienced children who synced with their family, school and community and children who mismatched one or all three of those environments. As the years continued to ebb and flow, I realized that I was drawn to the children that moved faster, spoke louder, learned nontraditionally, contrasted the norm, used humor inappropriately, and marched to the sound of a different drum. Because I knew my place was with children others found challenging (and I found interesting, charismatic, exciting and determined) I went back to The University of New Hampshire to get my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and was certified as a Behavior Consultant through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

My education journey started in advertising (with a Bachelor’s in Communication) and ended in the field of behavior. I have interned with world renowned early childhood educators, authors and advocates Bev Bos in Roseville, CA and Jeanine Fitzgerald in MA. I am now a Certified Behavioral Consultant and Life Coach (working with children, adults and families) through The International Association of Continuing Education and Training. I am also a Life Coach guiding adults to a path that celebrates their talents, temperament and passions!

Through my life-changing experiences I have adopted a proactive and strength based approach to behavior. I see behavior in a different way than many do in my field. I see children as perfectly designed equipped with the exact right tools to help them be their very best. I use a model that first asks how a child is naturally designed so I, as well as the other adults in that child’s life, know what tool box to use, how to make adjustments to our profiles, enter into empowering relationships, create a nurturing and interesting environment where a child will thrive, seek to find their way of learning that is exciting and soul fueling, implement natural and logical consequences, and only after those pieces are in place, look at support plans and additional evaluations. I spend my days in both public and private schools, early learning centers, preschools and in homes helping children and adults understand each other better.

I also spend my days and many evenings (and weekends) leading professional development seminars and workshops for educators, administration and parents. I talk about subjects related to behavior, curriculum, relationships, play, STEM, developmentally appropriate practice, boys, learning styles and modalities, multiple intelligences, movement, block play, literacy, temperaments, trauma, discipline, circle time, communication and many more. All of these workshops are strength based and have more of a nontraditional approach. I use humor, tell stories from my past and current days with “challenging” children, and magically make time fly by. These workshops can be found under the workshop link. Interested in having me lead a workshop at your school, please contact me! I would love to talk further!

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